Emergency Stretcher Trolley

On 09/Mar/2017 / In Primary Care

Adjustable height emergency stretcher designed for performing x-ray examinations

The TRAUMA model is adjustable in height and designed primarily as an emergency stretcher for patients with serious medical conditions, often with multiple trauma, in need of care and analysis to be carried out on the stretcher until their conditions are completely stabilised.

The mattress is completely radiolucent and there are many specific accessories for performing first screening x-ray examinations directly on the stretcher so as not to move the patient. Trauma is designed so that x-ray exams may be performed along the entire length of the mattress.

• The backrest can be adjusted to increase patient comfort, alleviating any suffering.

• The entire platform is radiolucent and ideal for performing fluoroscopic examinations along the entire length of the stretcher.

• Linear design fold-down siderails with ample side protection for increased patient safety.

• One-piece polyethylene plastic moulded mattress support platform, completely radiolucent, designed for quick and easy cleaning and disinfection.

• Bumpers to protect the stretcher and walls of the rooms in the event of a collision.

• Fold-down ergonomic push handles.

• Highly stable columns for safely adjusting the height and tilt of the stretcher.

• Washable 200 mm wheels with central and directional locking system that increases the stability of the stretcher when stationary.

• Covered in plastic making it easy to clean and disinfect with storage compartments and large cylinder holders.

• Foot end steel chrome push handles standard on all models.

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