Exercise Regularly to Promote Healthy Lifestyle – WHO

On 16/Sep/2019 / In Articles

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that engaging in regular exercise is one of the best ways to promote a healthy lifestyle. The WHO Officer in –Charge, Nigeria, Dr. Clement Peter, who made this disclos[...]

Back Pain, Neck Pain Treatable With Physiotherapy – Expert

On 13/Sep/2019 / In Articles

A physiotherapist, Dr Michael Egwu, has said that back pain, neck pain, urinary retention, spinal dysfunction and cervical headache can be treated effectively through physical and manual methods of physiotherapy. &nb[...]

Some Nigerian-Made Drugs More Reliable Than Imported Ones, Says Health Specialist

On 13/Sep/2019 / In Articles

Some Nigerian-made drugs have been described as more reliable and potent in preventive and curative interventions of diseases than foreign-made ones. Dr Ijeoma Nwafor, an Abuja based Public Health Specialist, said this[...]

‘Waiting Time Not Caused By Shortage of Manpower’

On 13/Sep/2019 / In Articles

The Medical Director of the National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi, Dr Mustapha Alimi, has said it was wrong for people to attribute the waiting time for patients  at the hospital to a shortage of manpower. Speaking[...]

Eating Mushrooms Three Times Weekly Slashes Chance of Developing Prostate Cancer By 17%

On 13/Sep/2019 / In Articles

Eating mushrooms three times a week slashes the chance of developing prostate cancer by nearly a fifth, according to research.The power of fungi to fight cancer was highlighted by Japanese researchers. While the study[...]

Heating Pads May Lower Blood Pressure in People with Hypertension

On 13/Sep/2019 / In Articles

Applying a heating pad overnight may help people with supine hypertension, a condition that causes their blood pressure to increase when they lie down including during sleep, according to preliminary results presented[...]

Financial Hardship Associated With Lasting Mental Health Declines

On 13/Sep/2019 / In Articles

People who suffered a financial, housing-related, or job-related hardship as a result of the Great Recession were more likely to show increases in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and problematic drug use, research sho[...]

Daily Intake of Soft Drinks Raises Early Death Risk – Study

On 13/Sep/2019 / In Articles

A new study looking at hundreds of thousands of individuals has linked higher consumption of soft drinks with greater risk of premature death. The researchers saw that the association held for both artificially and sug[...]

Herbal Cures for Menopausal Symptoms

On 12/Sep/2019 / In Articles

Menopause is defined as the changes a woman goes through just before and after she stops her periods and is no longer able to get pregnant naturally. Some women go through this time with few, if any, symptoms. But one[...]

Sperm Sorting Method Could Prevent Girls Being Born, Scientists Warn

On 11/Sep/2019 / In Articles

Scientists warn that sex ratios could be skewed even further by the discovery of physical differences between sperm. The finding that some chemicals slow down sperm that carry the X chromosome could lead to gels for ho[...]

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