Laerdal Pocket Mask

On 09/Mar/2017 / In Medical Technical Facilities

The Laerdal Pocket Mask's design, filter and one-way valve make it a quality choice that provides protection during CPR.

By creating a slight distance between the patient and care provider the Pocket Mask also makes seeing patient lip color and chest movement easier.

A high-quality 3M Filtrete hydrophobic filter under a one-way valve filters out contaminates in the air being transferred between the care provider and the patient, protecting them both.


What do you use your Pocket Mask for?

The Pocket Mask is available in a variety of options for your convenience:

  • Incorporating an oxygen inlet, that facilitates the delivery of supplemental oxygen, is an option. This version also comes with an elastic head strap.
  • Packaging options include a hard case, a soft case with a belt loop, or a Poly Bag.
  • Private labeling is available on the hard case and soft shell which allows for corporate branding and easy identification

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