‘80% Nigerians Patronise Herbal Medicine Practitioners’

Posted on: Wed 21-09-2022

Founder, Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre, Mrs Quincy Ayodele, has said 80 per cent of Nigerians patronise herbal medicine practitioners.

Speaking at a press conference to intimate the public about the integration of orthodox medicine with African Traditional Medicine in her centre, she insisted that it was important the government passed the African Traditional Medicine Bill.

‘‘Nigeria has not passed the Traditional Medicine Bill as recommended by World Health Organisation. We are practising medicine and 80 per cent of Nigerians patronise us. Nigeria should pass the bill, and stop listening to naysayers. They should let the two healthcare come together and move Nigeria forward. I am not going to be quiet, the bill must be passed so that my practice will be recognised as it is in Ghana, China, and other places.

‘‘We have traditional practitioners who are so knowledgeable. It’s been there for decades, we are supposed to be a nation supported by nature,’’ she said.

She added that recently, the Federal Ministry of Health, called the African Traditional Medicine practitioners in Nigeria to integrate their practice with orthodox.

‘‘Whatever paperwork done at WHO, will be integrated first at Quincy Herbal Centre. We have been doing traditional medicine alone but when my daughter joined us, she insisted we meet up with the international standard and integrate with orthodox. She has moved Quincy to the global stage,” she said.