Health Minister Launches Limi Hospital with World Standard Cardio Equipment

Posted on: Mon 30-11-2020

With the country losing over $1 billion annually to medical tourism, Nigeria’s health ministry has committed to several health centres to address the issues related to availability of quality medical care.

The Cardiocare Specialty Hospital, Abuja is a quintessential medical facility in the heart of Abuja with a commitment to the development of the healthcare sector in Nigeria. Her dedication to the stemming of losses to medical tourism and improving accessibility of tertiary healthcare services in Northern Nigeria have contributed hugely to the availability of local alternatives, with the launch of the ultra-modern Cath lab centre in Abuja, one of a very few substitutes to open heart surgeries in the entire Northern Nigeria.

Cardiocare Specialty hospital founded four years ago is one of the stand-alone specialty hospitals of the Limi Hospital Group (founded in 1982) and has a focus on Cardiovascular and internal medicine with an aim to provide medical solutions, which meet global standards with local considerations that ensure not just availability but affordability.

According to Dr IsekoIseko, Group Medical Director of the Limi Hospitals, the Cardiocare Hospital has successfully carried out over 70 minimally invasive interventional procedures between set up in February and the official launch in November 2020. This lends credence to the fact that no one necessarily needs to make a trip out of the country to access highly specialized healthcare.

Dr Awofisoye, Medical Director of Cardiocare Hospital, added that the “(Cardiocare) Hospital greatly augments the ability of Nigerians to receive treatment for complex cardiovascular problems without necessarily having to make a journey outside the country, which is often not a realistic option for many Nigerians. Besides, many cardiovascular emergencies come without giving so much time for someone to be flown abroad alive– so this type of home-based solution we offer should be welcomed by all stakeholders.

With the hospital motto echoing its commitment “to facilitate happiness through great healthcare”, the healthcare solutions provided at the hospital delves deeply into all areas of cardiovascular and internal medicine including: cardiology, endocrinology & diabetology, neurology, nephrology, hepatology, pulmunology, cardiothoracic surgery and critical care medicine.



Dr Mrs Remilekun Iseko –Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman, The Limi Hospital Group

Dr IsekoIseko– Group Medical Director, The Limi Hospital Group

Dr OyindamolaAwofisoye – The Medical Director, Cardiocare Specialty Hospital

Source: Guardian