Circular on Enhanced Entry Point for Med Laboratory Scientists Released

Posted on: Sat 04-07-2015

Medicalworld has received a memo from one of its correspondents signed by Dr. A.K. Muhammed the permanent Secretary for the head of the civil service of the federation on the "Entry Point For Intern Medical Laboratory Scientists"
It reads:
" Further to the provisions of circular Ref no. HCFS/EPO/EIR/CD/S of 27th July 2014 on the above. It should be noted that the approved placement of intern Medical Laboratory Scientists is CONHESS 08 Step 2 to  bring them in Conformity with their counterparts in the health sector. 
The Medical Laboratory Scientists would be placed on CONHESS 09 on successful compleation of the Internship and National Youth Service Corps Scheme. 
Howerver necessary adjustments should be made to maintain the relative seniority of existing officers.
2. This circular supersedes the earlier circular quoted above.