Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria Public Notice

Posted on: Tue 07-03-2017

This is to bring to the Public Notice that in furtherance of its mandate under its enabling law: the Health Records Officers (Registration, Etc.) Cap 166 of 1990 (formerly Decree No. 39 of 1989), particularly Sections 17, 18, 19, 20, and 27 the Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria (HRORBN) has interacted with the Directorate of the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) with a view to expanding participants in the Scheme to include Graduates in Health Information Management (HIM) i.e. "First University Degree or HND Certificate". 
Without prejudice to NYSC's extant Regulations on Call Up and Registration Requirements, this Board submits that prospective Health Information Management Graduates would however ONLY be Mobilized to the Scheme until he/she has a prior produced evidence to the effect that he/she: 
i. Graduated (in Nigeria or elsewhere) from an Institution that has met the Board's Accreditation standards of quality of education and training and has been duly so Accredited by this Board, and 
ii. Has sat for and passed the Board's Professional License Examination and duly enrolled to practice, For the avoidance of doubt, it is through the Licensing Examination that the Board demonstrates its ultimate responsibility of ensuring that its Licensures have met technical and professional standards required for practicing the profession competently, which by implication stands such licensures to being assuredly deployed to health facilities for their primary assignments during the Service Year.
Health Information Management has become the core of efficient health care delivery. The HRORBN is poised to reposition the practice by developing standards for efficient health information management practice in the nation's healthcare delivery system. 
Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Mami