3D DIY Large Wall Clock (Medical)

Posted on: Wed 26-08-2020

What time is it? It's healthcare time

Clocks are needed and used from time to time for the obvious reason, to give information of time throughout the day. The modern version of clocks is not merely used to show time but also decorative item in a room interior. This is an exciting thing especially for the DIY Wall Clock. These clocks are usually also large in size. Say goodbye to the smaller wall clocks and say hi to the larger and more intriguing larger clocks on the wall.

This DIY clock kit for #nurses and #doctors is not merely used to show time but also as a decorative item for interiors either at home or your work place. Also has silent movement clock mechanism.

Size: 47 inch
Type: Large Wall Clock
Material: Acrylic
Pattern: Abstract
Color: White/Silver/Black

Cost: N11,000

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Product Price: 11000 Naira

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