Emergency WACP Council Approvals

Posted on: Sat 08-08-2020

The council of the WACP at a virtual emergency meeting on the 1/8/2020 after successful deliberations on the effect of SARS COv2 pandemic on College activities approved the following: 

  1. The current update and revision course format to be changed to the virtual/webinar style
  2. The online submission of proposals to continue whilst a permanent online editorial submission and reviews assessment tracking management system is set up college 
  3. The suspension of accreditation visits by all faculties till safe to do so whist encouraging institutions with lapsed accreditation to renew their indebtedness to college
  4. The approval of online training modules set up by various faculties to enhance training 
  5. A revised October joint exam schedule is approved with the new schedule as: 
Emergency WACP Council Approvals
Emergency WACP Council Approvals