Federal Ministry of Health & Social Welfare Implementation of the Approved Scheme of Service for Pharmacist Consultant Cadre in the Federal Civil / Public Service

Posted on: Thu 21-09-2023


You may wish to recall the Circular Ref. No. HCSF/CSO/HRM/1274/T3 of 11th September, 2020 on the approved Scheme of Service for Pharmacist Consultant Cadre (copy attached for ease of reference).

2. In order to ensure uniform interpretation and forestall any industrial disharmony that may emanate from wrong interpretation of the Circular on Pharmacist Consultant Cadre, the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (FMoH&SW) sort further clarification on the implementation guidance from the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF).

3. The clarification provided by the OHCSF to ensure a uniform implementation of the Pharmacist consultant Cadre is as contain in letter Ref. No. HCSF/SPSO/ODD/NCE/CND.100/S.4/91; dated 6th September, 2023 (copy attached for ease of reference). The main provisions of the Circular are as follows:

i. The Pharmacist Consultant Cadre is distinct from the already-in-existence Pharmacist Cadre Structure on SGL. 10 - 17 for holders of B. Pharm.

ii. A transition from the Pharmacist Cadre to the Pharmacist Consultant Cadre is by conversion in line with extant rules. In which case, Officers on Pharmacy Cadre on SGL.15 convert laterally to the Pharmacist Consultant Cadre on SGL.15 on acquisition of the requisite qualification, subject to the availability of vacancy. In the same vein, Pharmacists on the lower SGL, on qualification, would be advanced to SGL.15.

iii. Officers on the Pharmacist Cadre above the entry grade level of the Consultant Pharmacist Cadre (SGL.15) should be stepped down by one grade level on conversion to the superior grade; subject to availability of vacancy.

4. The clarification provided by the OHCSF is at no prejudice or averse to letter Ref. No. HCSF/SPSO/ODD/E&WP/64508/ll/174 of 9th June, 2021 (copy attached) which provided guidelines on the applicability of the Scheme of Service for the Pharmacist Consultant Cadre on Officers on CONHESS 13 - 15 on the Pharmacist Cadre.

5. You are therefore to commence the immediate implementation of the Pharmacist Consultant Cadre with strict adherence to the clarification/guidelines provided by the OHCSF and in Circular Ref. No. HCSF/SPSO/DD/E&WP/64508/II/174 of 9th June, 2021, to ensure a uniform implementation. These Circulars supersede the Circular Ref. No. FMH/FDS/CSPTH/I/95, dated 2nd August, 2021 (copy attached herewith) earlier released by the out gone Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health. 6. Please, accept as always, the assurances of the Honourable Minister's highest regards.


Daju, Kachollom S. mni

Permanent Secretary

For: Honourable Minister