ICU Nursing Officer Vacancy at Capital Hill Hospitals

Posted on: Wed 20-10-2021

We are urgently in need of a highly resourceful and experienced Intensive Care Unit Nursing Officer.

Job Title: ICU Nursing Officer

Sector: Healthcare

Suitably qualified persons should send their application and CV with the subject ‘ICU Nursing Officer' to b

Application closes by 29th October, 2021.


- Evaluate and monitor patients' progress.

- Identify sudden or subtle changes in a patients' medical condition.

- Deliver regular updates to doctors, patients, and their family members.

- Begin treatment and monitor doses.

- If necessary, respond to a medical emergency and alert the appropriate doctors.

- Care for patients need throughout their recovery in the ICU unit.

- Complete all necessary paperwork before transferring  patients.

- Maintain patients' record.

- Create and implement effective care plans.


- Bachelor’s degree in nursing or a relevant field.

- Minimum of 2years experience as an ICU nurse.

- Good understanding of health information structures and technology.

- Demonstrate brilliant empathy and communication skills.

- Ability to work in a stressful and emotional environment.

Salary: Very Attractive