Posted on: Sun 21-02-2021

Due to the public health measures and advisories put in place by the government of the Republic of Benin, host nation for the 61st Annual Conference of the West African College of Surgeons, the following decisions regarding the conduct of the 61st Annual Conference have been taken; 

  1. That the format of the conference shall be hybrid with in-person attendees limited to a maximum of 500 people.  
  2. That if the current situation with COVID-19 worsens, the 61st Annual Conference of the West African College ofSurgeons would be totally virtual. 
  3. That the duration of the conference be reduced to 3 days instead of the usual 4 days. (June 14-16, 2021) 
  4. That all Fellows contesting for College Elections must be present physically at the venue of the conference. Eligible voters shall be Fellows who are financially up to date with the College and have fully registered for the conference. 
  5. That all statutory meetings usually held at WACS conferences would take place. 
  6. That the conference fee be reduced to 150 US Dollars. 
  7. That there shall be no surgical outreach programme during the conference, however, public enlightenment programmes on radio, television and other media platforms shall be conducted. 

The WACS as a responsible organisation and regional leader in surgical specialist training and health policy development, abides by all public safety guidelines aimed at limiting the transmisson of COVID-19 and actively implements same in its daily operations. The adoption of the foregoing measures therefore is in line with our core values, promoting the health of our community and region.