#NMCN: Introduction of the Minimum Requirements for the Establishment of Standardized Computer Aided Objective Structured Clinical Examination (CAOSCE) Centres

Posted on: Sat 19-08-2023


Please, recall that the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria commenced Computer Aided Objective Structured Clinical Examination (CAOSCE) in March, 2023 as part its reforms agenda in nursing education and practice. The Council adopted CAOSCE as one of the best assessment methods for ensuring credibility in clinical examinations in line with global best practice. 

2. To this effect, the Council has designed minimum requirements for establishing a standardized CAOSCE Centre. These minimum requirements will guide the institutions in making adequate preparations for creating their own CAOSCE Centre as well as forestall technical challenges encountered during Council's professional examinations in the existing Centres.

3. Institutions are hereby advised to create their own CAOSCE Centre using the minimum requirements and invite Council for accreditation of the Centre thereafter. Such Centre shall serve as accredited CAOSCE Centre for subsequent Professional Examinations after approval by the Council. 

4. The minimum requirements and specifications for the establishment of a Standardized CAOSCE Centre is hereby attached. Please bring the content of this circular to the attention of all concerned.

Minimum Requirements for Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria CAOSCE Centre 

1. Hall: 

  • The Centre must have a very large hall, adequately spacious to accommodate a minimum of three (3) teams of examiners.
  • The hall should be well ventilated with fans and air conditioners.
  • Institutions are allowed to make provision for up to six (6) teams of examiners depending on their capability.
  • Where a single spacious hall is not available, two or more halls can be used for this purpose so long as all the network cables are linked to one server.

2. Laptops: 

  • A minimum of twenty-four (24) Laptops are required.
  • Each team requires six (6) Laptops. Therefore, the number of Laptops will depend on the team-carrying capacity of the Centre.
  • In addition, each team must have a minimum of two (2) Laptops as a backup.

Specification: The Laptops must meet the following specifications; 

a. Internet Connectivity: Must be able to connect to the Internet 

b. Browser: Must have the latest version of Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browser.

c. Battery Power. Must be able to retain power for at least 30 minutes when unplugged. 

d. LAN port/internet port: For wired network connectivity, this may be inbuilt or as an external device. 

e. Microsoft Windows Version: Windows10. 

3. Network Connectivity: 

  • All Council CAOSCE Centres must have wired network connection using LAN cables and Switches (or other network devices).
  • All laptops, irrespective of their distance apart, must be connected to a single server as it is in a CBT Centre.

4. Power Source: 

  • The CAOSCE Centre must have alternative power supply to ensure availability of a steady, uninterrupted power supply during the conduct of the examination.

5. Adequate Number of Sockets/Extension Cables: 

  • There must be adequate number of sockets and extension cables to supply all the Laptops in the Centre.

6. Server Room: 

  • Arrangements must be made to accommodate the server.
  • The space must be secure and free from unnecessary human traffic to avoid accidental collision with the server.

7. Layout of the Hall: 

a. Tables and Chairs: 

  • Six (6) tables and chairs are required per team. These should be arranged in a circular manner and well labeled as STATION 1 - STATION 6.
  • The odd numbers are Procedure stations to be manned by examiners, the even numbers arc Question stations to be used by students.
  • The examiners are expected to sit and face the Centre stage while the candidates are expected to sit and back the Centre stage.
  • This should serve as a guide in the arrangement of the chairs and tables. There must be adequate space in th3e middle of each team for placement of requirements for procedure stations such as bed, trolleys etc.
  • There should also be adequate space between one team and another.

b. Laptops:

  • Each laptop must be strategically placed on all the six (6) tables for each team.

c. LAN Cables: 

  • The LAN cables should be well concealed. Preferably, the cables should be conveyed underground.
  • Concerted efforts must be made to ensure that the examiners and students do not step over them to avoid network disruptions.

d. Extension Cables: 

  • The arrangement of the extension cables should be in likewise manner as the LAN cables.
  • Precautionary measures must be adopted to avoid electrocution and accidental falls by the examiners and students.

Thank you for your cooperation in promoting and maintaining excellence in nursing education and practice in Nigeria.


Faruk Umar Abubakar Ph.D. RN, FWAPCNM

Registrar / CEO