National Veterinary Research Institute VOM Public Notice Disclaimer

Posted on: Mon 22-01-2024

The General Public is hereby informed that it has come to the notice of the Institute's Management that some criminal elements have opened social media accounts In the name of the Director/ Chief Executive “Dr Maryam Muhammad” on Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and LinkedIn which they are using to impersonate the Director/Chief to defraud unsuspecting members of the public through fraudulent activities.

One of such activity is a purported scam for the supply of computers to the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) Vom. In addition to the purported supply of computers, the online fraudsters also claim that NVRI is in the process of recruiting new staff. This misleading information is being used to hoodwink innocent citizens. The Institute wishes to inform the public that the Director/Chief Executive does not have or operate any social media account on Facebook or Yahoo Messenger. We are by this, issuing a disclaimer that NVRI is not awarding or receiving any contract for computers. The Institute is also not in the process of any kind of recruitment.

The general public is therefore strongly advised NOT to transact any business be it official or private with the impersonators using social media platforms and to exercise great caution and disregard these offers and invitations. The Institute is making concerted efforts to apprehend the perpetrators of this misinformation and scams.