Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Call for Manuscripts

Posted on: Fri 21-04-2023


The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria as part of its commitment towards promoting research in nursing and other health related fields in Nigeria, has inaugurated research: African Journal of Nursing and Health Research (AJNHR) (ISSN: 2141-2574). 

This Journal which started as Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Research Journal has been in existence for one decade. It is a biannual peer review Journal for scientific or empirical research work in nursing, medical and health as well as related fields. The main aim of this Research Journal is to contribute to the dissemination of research findings that will promote excellence nursing and health care delivery. 

Nurses and other healthcare professionals who conduct research are encouraged to published their findings in the Journal, in order to promote evidence-based care. 

Commencing from the current edition (Vol.4, No.1) the Journal is going to be accessed online too.

This Journal accepts scholarly articles in Nursing specialties and health-related disciplines for publication on bi-annual basis. The Council is using this avenue to call for manuscripts from interested Authors whose articles meet its specification. 



The Journal will consider original manuscripts and solicited articles that have not been published or are under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts for submission to this Journal must be prepared in English language (British) under the following guidelines: 

a. Title: The manuscript's title should be at most twenty-five (25) words. 

b. Abstract: Structured (segmented) abstract with a maximum of two hundred and fifty (250) words comprising background, methods, results, conclusion and three to five keywords. 

c. Background: This should be coherent and contain a clear statement of the problem, purpose/objectives/research questions/hypotheses. The Literature should provide evidence of critical and focused theoretical and empirical review with relevant variables being investigated. Use APA 7th edition referencing style. Citations should be at most five years unless it is from a historical perspective and presented logically and sequentially. 

d. Research Methods: This should cover the research design/method, setting, and types of instruments, including the psychometric properties of the instrument. The sampling and sample size, data collection approach, ethical considerations and approval. and the appropriateness of the procedure for data analysis (in prose).

e. Results: Result presentation and interpretation align with the study objectives/Research questions and/or hypothesis. Tables and/or figures should be at most five (5) and embedded in the result section. 

f. Discussions: Discussion of findings should be in harmony with appropriate literature. 

• Discussion of findings should clearly show the contribution to existing knowledge. 

• Discussion should also highlight the implication for health.

  1. Conclusions: The conclusion of the manuscript, noting the outlined limitation(s) of the study and its recommendations. 
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Conflict of interest 
  4. Authors' contribution 
  5. References: All references cited in the text are listed in the reference section and vice versa. 

• References should be current and relevant to research findings and should conform with the latest APA referencing style. 7th edition using the guidelines below: 


Susan, S. R. (2020). Maternity and Pediatric Nursing. Publisher: L W W, 4th edition. ISBN: 1975139763.

Toney-Butler, T. J.. and Unison-Pace, W.J. (2021). Nursing admission assessment and examination [E-book]. In Stat Pearls. Stat Pearls Publishing. 


Muchanga, S.M.J., Lumumba, A. L., Kamba, B. J. P., Mbelambela, E. P.,Villanueva,A. F., Siburian, M. D., and Tozin, R. R. (2021). Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards menopause among Congolese middle-aged and postmenopausal women. The Pan African Medical Journal, 38. 

Referencing Multiple Authors: 

Mohta, A., Singh, A., Nyati, A., Agrawal, A., Nahar, D., Lai, M., Gupta, D., and Jain, S.k. (2020). Evaluation of the impact of tinea capitis on quality of life in pediatric patients using children's dermatology life quality index and its correlation with disease duration. International Journal of Trichology. 12(5), 213-219. 

Online Source:

 World Health Organization (2020 April). Infant and young child feeding. WHO Fact Sheets. 

  1. Microsoft Word Format using Times New Roman, font size 12, double lines spacing. 
  2. Authors of manuscripts accepted for processing shall be required to pay the sum of P130,000 or $50 for international authors. Fees should be paid to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria through any bank of your choice using the Federal Government approved platform remita. 
  3. Maximum of six (6) tables in Microsoft Word. 
  4. Sources and evidence of permission for blindfolded pictures should be attached as supplementary documents. 
  5. Evidence of ethical approval.


All submitted manuscripts will pass through screening by the editorial board. Manuscripts judged relevant and prepared according to the journal's guidelines will be sent to two independent reviewers in the field. Reviewer feedback will be sent to the authors stating the decision on the manuscript. C. 


Manuscript should be submitted to the following: 

Editor in chief African Journal of Nursing and Health Research (AJNHR) 

Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Abuja FCT. 

Via this email address: [email protected]   

Thank you for your support towards promoting and maintaining excellence in nursing education and p practice in line with global best practices.

Faruk Umar Abubakar PhD, RN, FWACN

Secretary – General / Registrar