PCN Inaugurates Disciplinary Panel, Warns Against Compromise

Posted on: Fri 31-07-2020

The Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria has inaugurated a seven-member investigative panel to check and regulate the activities of pharmacists in the country. Members of the panel include, Yakubu Akawu, Umar Gumau, Edith Egbuonu, Prof. Moses Akanmu, Prof. Garba Sadiq, Ifraimu Kifasi and Williams Etubiebi.

The chairman of the Governing Board of PCN, Prof. Ahmed Mora, said in the last five years, the pharmacy practice in Nigeria was left porous without regulation while activities of practitioners were not checked.

He said, “There is no denying the fact that in carrying out your responsibilities as a panel, you would be confronted with huge backlog of cases that would need to be looked into as it was five years since the last investigating panel sat to investigate erring members of the profession; possibility of being compromised, which must be resisted at every point; likelihood of having to investigate former classmates, schoolmates, friends, associates or acquaintances.

“However, the law of the land is supreme and the job must be carried out no matter whose ox is gored; the possible dilemma of the subject nature of the assignment in deciding whether to forward cases to the disciplinary tribunal, or let it rest at the investigative panel.”

He warned members of the panel against compromise, adding that their activities be above board, no matter the temptation they may face while performing their responsibilities.

Source: Punch