Tita Obii: NDSS Alumni Health and Well-being is my Priority

Posted on: Fri 01-12-2023

In a compelling and forward-thinking move, Tita Obii Obioha, a prominent contender for the NDSS Alumni Association presidency, has unveiled a robust health-oriented agenda aimed at addressing the diverse needs of the NDSS alumni community.

In an exclusive interview with a correspondent from Medicalworld, Tita Obii Obioha articulated a visionary plan focused on elevating the well-being of the NDSS alumni through multifaceted health initiatives.

Obii's agenda extends to the realm of mental health with the intent to introduce mental health awareness campaigns and counseling services that seeks to equip the alumnis with tools to effectively manage stress and prioritize mental well-being in their lives post-academia.

A cornerstone of Tita Obii Obioha's health plan involves organizing informative sessions on a quarterly basis, covering an array of health-related topics including nutrition, healthy lifestyle practices, disease prevention, and holistic wellness strategies. Additionally, the visionary candidate aspires to forge collaborations with local health organizations, with the aim of providing health screenings and health fairs tailored for NDSS alumni and their families.

Tita Obii Obioha's pledge to prioritize alumni health and well-being stands as a testament to a visionary leader committed to fostering a healthier, more resilient alumni community. If elected, Obii's agenda promises not only to elevate health consciousness but also to create an inclusive space where alumni thrive in their post-graduation endeavors.