Why Doctors Don’t Like Rural Areas – NMA

Posted on: Wed 04-08-2021

The Nigerian Medical Association has identified poor remuneration and lack of basic amenities as some of the reasons doctors do not like to be posted to rural areas.

The chairman of NMA in the Federal Capital Territory, Dr. Enema Amodu, said this during a stakeholders’ consultative meeting on improving health care delivery in the FCT.

The meeting was to kick-start the association’s Annual General Meeting/Scientific Conference which commenced on Tuesday in Abuja, with the theme, ‘Strengthening the Primary Healthcare and Achieving Good Healthcare Services via Health Insurance.’

He said, “Every doctor, having gone through medical school and taken the oath, is happy to use his knowledge for the betterment of humanity. But it becomes very challenging and frustrating when you cannot put it into practice. We know most of our primary healthcare centres are bedevilled with poor infrastructures.

“Basic amenities and drugs are not available; we went for the pre-AGM outreach at the weekend. We, the providers of the services, had to come with drugs. Yes, the Area Councils supported us but there was a limit to which their support could go.”

Amodu also called on the government to improve the drainage systems in the FCT and primary health care facilities to check cholera outbreaks during the rainy season.

“It is quite unfortunate that the FCT which is supposed to be an urban city is bedevilled with cholera outbreak anytime we are in this season. We all know that cholera is a disease that is water-borne and transmitted orally. That means, whatever you eat or drink can be contacted by the bacteria. When that happens, you come down with the disease.

“The simple basic thing will be to improve on the drainage. If there is rainfall, for instance, you find out that the gutters and drainage system gets over flooded and the water spill everywhere. Some of these waters are what is used to wash fruits that people consume,” Amodu said.