Clarification on Adjustment of Salary Grade Level As a Result of Enhanced Entry Point/ Base Grade in the Public Service

Posted on: Wed 09-12-2015

Following the spate of enquiries on the principles for the implementation of the newly approved CONHESS 09 entry point for Medical laboratory scientists in the public service. I wish to reiterate in line with the provisions of circular ref. no.B.63279/S.7/111/T/273 dated 24th april 2002 that any time the base grade of any cadre in the public service of the federation is enhanced. Government has approved that adjustments should affect only officers within the cadre whose positions fall below the new entry point.
Such officers should retain the effective date of the adjustment as their date of seniority on the new (base) grade, while serving officers who attained the new base grade as well as others who are above the (new) base grade by promotion or direct appointment will retain their original date of seniority on their respective grades. Therefore, any action on the implementation of the extant circulars which is contrary to above, should be reversed immediately.
Accordingly, the designations and grading structure within Medical Laboratory Scientist and other similarly graded cadres such as pharmacist, physiotherapist, Radiographer etc are hereby re-aligned as follows:
1) Intern Medical laboratory scientists/X CONHESS 08/Step 2
2. Medical laboratory scientist/X CONHESS 09/Step 1
3. Senior Medical laboratory scientist/X CONHESS 10
4. Principal Medical laboratory scientist/x CONHESS 11
5. Chief Medical laboratory scientist/X CONHESS 12
6. Assistant Director CONHESS 13
7. Deputy Director CONHESS 14
8. Director CONHESS 15
Please ensure that the content of this circular is brought to the attention of all concerned for compliance
Permanent Secretary (SPSO)
FOR: Head of the civil of the Federation
Office of the Head of the civil service of the federation, federal secretariat, phass 11, Abuja
DATED: 26th November 2015