Association of Nigeria Health Journalists Congratulations Message to the Dynamic Leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari on Nigeria’s Attainment of the Wild Polio Virus Free Status

Posted on: Thu 25-06-2020

The Association of Nigeria Health Journalists (ANHEJ), hereby congratulates the Federal Government under the dynamic leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, on Nigeria's attainment of the Wild Polio Virus (WPV)- free status. 

Indeed, this is an unforgettable moment in Nigeria's history.

We also congratulate the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) for its consistent efforts since the war against the polio virus started many years ago. 

The NPHCDA, especially, since the coming of its current Executive Director, Dr. Faisal Shuaib, has made Nigeria proud by improving the critical health indices of the country. 

Dr. Faisal brought with him the determination, zeal and focus which have changed our once low immunization status to one that has been commended and described by the international community and development partners as unparalleled. The significant improvement in Routine Immunization (RI) is one of those ingenuous efforts that has brought the end-polio game to where we are today in the country.

Dr. Faisal has also brought transparency and accountability to the NPHCDA which have engendered the trust and confidence of the international community, donors and partners, thereby attracting the needed support to effectively carry out the nation's polio campaigns.

ANHEJ also applauds past heads of the NPHCDA, partners and stakeholders, including Rotary international (RI), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Aliko Dangote Foundation, Traditional rulers, the media and others too numerous to mention. 

It is gratifying to say that the collective efforts, commitment and support of all Nigerians have gone a long way in making the achieved polio-free status possible. 

ANHEJ, therefore, calls for greater efforts by stakeholders in order to sustain the polio-free status and not give the slimmest opportunity for resurgence. 

We also call on the federal government to improve funding for the health sector so that the country’s maternal and infant mortality, which by all standards, is in an emergency mode, can continue to drop. 


Hassan Zaggi (President)

Gloria Essien (Secretary General)