International Centre for Biotechnology under the Auspices of UNESCO at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Call or Scholarship Applications

Posted on: Mon 20-09-2021


The UNESCO International Centre for Biotechnology (UNECO ICB) was established through agreement between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organziation (UNESCO), to carry cut biotechnology related research and training in three thematic areas - food security, tropical diseases, and bioresources conservation. 

As part of the Centre’s human capital development programme, applications are invited from qualified Nigerian students in tertiary academic institutions under the annual scholarship programmes. Each successful applicant will receive an award for one academic year towards tuition fee, accommodation, books and living expenses. 


Per annum, there are 3 categories of award, and for each category there are 15 scholarships which Includes 5 awards for each of the Centre's thematic areas -food security, tropical diseases, and bioresources conservation: (a) Final Year Bachelors degree scholarship (15 awards), Masters degree scholarship  (15 awards), and PhD scholarship (15 awards),  A total of 45 scholarships will be awarded per annum .


Evidence that the student is currently registered in a tertiary academic institution in Nigeria for the category of award applied. Course of study  is biotechnology or biotechnology related disciplines including agriculture, biosciences bioengineering, etc,  relevant to the Centre’s thematic areas – food security, tropical diseases, and bioresources conservation. 

Current cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is at least 2nd Class Upper (2.1) at the time of application or the most recently completed degree for MSc and PhD students. 

Preference will be given to First Class students and/or those at the top of their class. Not more than (1) award per scholarship category per thematic area from any academic institution. For instance, more than one (1) award may not be made for MSc Scholarship in Tropical Diseases from one institution. 


  • Final awards will maintain both national spread and gender balance. 
  • Successful candidates will attend the Award Ceremony in person at designated venue and make an oral presentation of the final year project or thesis research findings. 
  • The awardee will acknowledge the centre in publications (e.g, thesis, scientific paper, conference paper) arising from the research project/thesis. 
  • The awarded shall deposit a copy of all publications arising from the project/thesis at the Centre in both digital and hard copies 
  • All applications received will be acknowledge, however, only successful applicants will be contacted further. The decision of the Scholarship awards committee is final. 


 Each application must include the following documents: (a) Motivation letter by the student, (b) copies of current student ID and admission letter, (c) copies of current certificates and academic transcripts, and (d) supporting letter from current Head of Department (HOD) on official letterhead, confirming the students’ academic status. 

The application documents should be sent in one email, with subject heading “Application for 2020 Scholarship” to [email protected]. Candidates must ensure that their complete applications are received by mid-day (12:00hrs) on 15 October, 2021. Incomplete applications and those received after the deadline will not be considered. 


Scholarships Award Committee

On behalf of UNESCO ICB Management