Medical & Health Workers Union of Nigeria Congratulatory Message to the Nigerian Workers and Nigerians on the 60th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria

Posted on: Thu 01-10-2020

National President of Medical and Health Workers ‘ Union of Nigeria, Comrade Joy Josiah Biobelemoye and the entire leadership of the Union, heartily congratulate the Nigerian Workers an Nigerians, especially the Health workers who are on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19 on the 60th anniversary of Nigeria independence. The hearts of the National President and the leadership of Medical and Health Workers’ Union of Nigeria go to the families of our colleagues who died in the line of duty as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic; we extend our condolences to them all. 

The global pandemic has further exposed our fragile and poor health sector at 60 and the need for Government at the Federal, States and Local Government levels to do the needful by providing an effective, efficient and vibrant health sector for the Nigeria masses. 

We thank all Nigerian Health Workers who are currently gallantly fighting the war against Covid-19 pandemic, but for them the worse would have happened in Nigeria, as is the case in several countries including the ‘civilized and advanced countries of the world’ where hundreds of thousands have died. 

As we celebrate Nigeria at 60, we call on the Federal government not to heed the call by some very few selfish and unpatriotic individuals who are involved in “press up” and are bent on buying over our Health Institutions at the expense of the Nigerian populace. These shylocks must be clearly told that “Our Health is not for sale”.

The global pandemic should be a very big lesson for us all, especially the ruler and upper class who can no longer fly abroad at the slightest headache. The fear of Covid-19 is the beginning of wisdom. 

It is therefore of paramount importance as we celebrate Nigeria at 60, for the government to provide adequate welfare to Health workers in Nigeria. Infrastructure, equipment, and enabling environment are also very important. 

Corona virus pandemic lock-down of over 4-months has brought great upheaval and suffering to Nigerians especially the Nigeria worker. Inflation has gone up the roof; an average Nigerian worker cannot afford the essential commodities for survival. 

The anti-corruption policies of the Federal Government has lost its teeth to bite because the support for the fight by Nigerians has waned an dwindled, those who blow the whistle to support the war are usually victims. There is still looting going on in our system as exemplified by the can of warms recently exhibited in the National Assembly. 

The apartheid in the Health sector is alarming, a situation where health unions go on strike and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity implements no work no pay policy against the health workers and same do not apply to doctors is unacceptable. To make the Nigeria Health Sector grow and make it competitive with the rest of the world there must be equity. 

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Long Live Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria. 


Comrade Joy Josiah Biobelemoye 

National President 

Comrade Silas Adamu

Secretary General