National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS Canada) IELTS Update for Internationally Educated Nursing Applicants

Posted on: Tue 14-07-2020

Effective June 18, 2020 the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) will receive IELTS test results electronically.

  • If you wrote IELTS on June 18, 2020 or later, your results will automatically be sent electronically. If you wrote IELTS before June 18, 2020 and you would like to send an electronic copy of your test results to NNAS please contact the IELTS test center where you took the test. All IELTS test centers worldwide are able to send your scores electronically.
  • Please note that when you ask that your IELTS results be sent electronically, the test center may request a fee for this service.
  • When requesting that your test results be sent to NNAS electronically, please provide the following information to the test center:
  • The NNAS’s account name is: National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS)
  • Address: 439 University Ave, 5th floor, Toronto ON M5G 1Y8
  • Please note that if you wrote IELTS before June 18, 2020 and do not request that an electronic copy be sent to NNAS, a paper copy will be mailed to NNAS

NNAS has also extended the expiry date of all applications until September 30, 2020.

NNAS is working with the Nursing Regulatory Bodies who are members of NNAS to support their efforts to meet the need for nurses within their provinces and in the short-term, NNAS will be placing an emphasis on applications from Internationally Educated Nurses who have submitted complete documentation and could be available to be deployed because they are living in Canada.

This is being done so that applicants can initiate the process to become registered or licensed and support the nursing regulatory bodies’ response to the pandemic.

All requirements remain the same as does the process to become registered or licensed at the provincial level. Decisions regarding registration or licensure remain the legislative responsibility of the nursing Regulatory Bodies.

NNAS will continue to review all applications and issue Advisory Reports for all applications, in a timely manner, taking into consideration the circumstances of the pandemic. We anticipate that this process will have minimal impact on our ability to issue Advisory Reports.