National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) Cancellation of Procurement Process for the Projects Listed in the Table Below:

Posted on: Mon 14-09-2020

S/NProjects/Item Description Lot No.
1Construction of Primary Health Care Centres (Level 2)NPHCDA/2020/1/1-
2Construction of Primary Health Care Centre (level 3) NPHCDA/2020/2/1-
3Rehabilitation/Renovation/Completion of some Primary Health Care CentresNPHCDA/2020/3/1-
4Construction/Renovation of Headquarter Office NPHCDA/2020/4
5Renovation / Rehabilitation of Offices/Cold Stores NPHCDA/2020/5/1-
6Drilling of Motorized Boreholes NPHCDA/2020/6/1-
7Supply of Medical Equipment NPHCDA/2020/7/1-
8Supply of Basic Drugs NPHCDA/2020/8/1-
9Purchase of Hospital Ambulances NPHCDA/2020/9/1
10Purchase of Mobile Clinic NPHCDA/2020/10/1-10
11Purchase of Tricycle Ambulance NPHCDA/2020/11/1-10
12Supply of Project/Operational Vehicles  NPHCDA/2020/12/1-
13Supply of Vaccines NPHCDA/2020/13/1-37
14Supply of Syringes NPHCDA/2020/14/1-70
15Supply of Safety Boxes NPHCDA/2020/15/1-13
16Supply of Mama KitsNPHCDA/2020/16/1-10
17Supply of Midwifery KitsNPHCDA/2020/17/1-10
18Supply of Disposable Vaginal Speculums NPHCDA/2020/18/1-10
19 Supply of Freeze TagNPHCDA/2020/19
20Supply of Office Equipment & Consumables NPHCDA/2020/20/1-20
21Procurement and distribution of CHIPS Kits to CHIPS agents NationwideNPHCDA/2020/21/1-
22Consultancy services for medical mission to communities NPHCDA/2020/22/1-
23Consultancy services for knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP)NPHCDA/2020/23/1-2

You may wish to recall that the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) published advertisement in the Federal Tenders Journal Vol. 16 No. 5 dated Monday March 9th — Sunday March 22', 2020, Daily Trust and Daily Sun Newspapers of Monday, 9th March, 2020 respectively inviting eligible bidders to participate in the procurements (Lot No. NPHCDA/2020/1/1- to NPHCDA/2020/23/1-2) as referenced above. 

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent guidelines issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) on the conduct of procurement activities by Ministry, Departments and Agencies as a result of COVID-19 lockdown and in compliance with the guidelines issued by Presidential Taskforce on curbing the spread COVID-19, NPHCDA, in line with Section 28(b) of the Public Procurement Act 2007, we regrets to inform all interested bidders and the General Public that the above titled procurements process have been cancelled. 

We regret the inconveniences this might have caused you.