‘Seek Emergency Rehab Care for Stroke Patients to Get Better Outcome’

Posted on: Mon 30-11-2020

The Chief Medical Director, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Prof. Darlington Obaseki, yesterday, stressed the need for prompt medical attention for patients suffering from stroke to ensure better outcomes and chances of survival.

According to him, patients who come early to the stroke ward have the best chance of complete recovery.

Speaking in Benin City, during the the10th Anniversary of the UBTH Stroke Ward, the medical expert said the unit has excellent service for rehabilitation, which is vital to help reduce the impact of stroke.

Obaseki said medical findings have revealed that many stroke patients that were expertly treated fully recovered as against the myth that nobody recovers from stroke.

He added that over 2,500 acute stroke patients have been admitted and treated in the UBTH since inception, which is the very first dedicated stroke ward in the country and the biggest in terms of capacity.

While maintaining that stroke is not a disease of old people, but can occur in both the young and old, he said that anybody after the age of 45 years is at risk of stroke, particularly if he has uncontrollable hypertension.

Source: Guardian