University of Abuja Directorate of Advancement Invitation to Institute Scholarships and Awards

Posted on: Wed 17-05-2023

The University of Abuja (UofA), fondly styled the University for National Unity — because of one of its numerous positive peculiarities for the unity of Nigeria, actively attracting bright minds, lofty ideas and great scholarship from all nooks and crannies of the most populous nation in Africa — is located in the beautiful metropolitan city of the Federal Capital of Nigeria, where students' retention is a number one priority. Ours is a global University in the fastest-growing global city that warmly welcomes citizens from all states of the Federation and foreigners from across the world, in addition to hosting foreign missions and international organisations from all over the world. The UofA is both a conventional research-intensive, and distance learning university with exciting and productive academic and professional programmes including Law, Medicine, Education, Arts and Humanities, Agriculture, Social Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Management Sciences, Environmental Science, Communications and Media Studies, Nursing and Allied Health Services, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The University has Centres of Excellence for a range of studies, as it also operates centres of knowledge-acquisition and application including Abuja Leadership Centre, a TETFUND Centre of Excellence in Public Governance and Leadership, Centre of Excellence for Sickle Cell Disease Research and Training, Centre of Competence in Digital Education being sponsored with foreign grants, Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Hub, Centre for Undergraduate Research, Counselling and Career Services Centre, International Centre, and Centre for Student Mentoring and Employment.  

In the last four years, external research grants have increased 500 percent, with the 2022 external research grants won by various University lecturers hitting more than One Billion Naira, Students admitted to the University of Abuja are given exceptional University experience that transforms them into global citizens, with strong study abroad opportunity, mandatory foreign language requirement within the current offerings of Japanese, French, Portuguese, and Arabic, a strong background in entrepreneurship education in which every student officially registers and owns a company before graduation, and student employment opportunity for those within prescribed CGPA who apply for competitive employment and who earn monthly stipend on campus.

We enjoy a symbiotic and forward-looking relationship with Industry, as the University of Abuja is establishing, with Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Mines, a first-of-its-type Industry - University supported Department of Geology and mining.  

We have a robust University library with very responsive holdings including exapnsion of its electronic services, just as we have Health Services to which students living on and off campus have easy access.  

We are indeed doing great things in the University for National Unity of which we are proud. The list of expereinces and opportunities is grandeur and its elastic nature expands its horizon and widens its net.  

Going forward, we are strongly committed to the advancement and the goal to build the UofA into an exceptionally beautiful university where students and staff would yearn to stay and enjoy their study and research, where many more would be attracted to come from around the world to be part of the expanding progressive academic community.  

Now, the University of Abuja wishes to invite philanthropists, businesses, NGOs, and interested organisations to institute scholarships in support of our students. Although we are a Federal Government institution with free tuition, many students from very poor background, exceptionally talented students with unique potential for a great future, and students with special needs among many others are attracted to the University, and would need financial support and reward for merit, to pay for housing, meals, and other charges which vary according to demands in academic programmes toward practicals, reagents, and other unique University services. For example, due to inflation and skyrocketing prices of materials, the highest sundry charges introduced from 2023 is paid by students of Medicine in the range between N124,000 and N240,000, while the least charges in Arts and Social Sciences is N84,000, excluding meals and housing.  

The scholarship can be in different categories, each with its criteria for award. These may include Merit-Based Scholarship, Gender-Based Scholarship, Need-Based Scholarship, Research-Based Scholarship and other regular and special scholarships. The duration of the scholarship may range from one-time only to perpetuity, while the value of the scholarship is at the discretion of the giver. The giver also decides the title of the scholarship which can be named after persons, organisations or events. The minimum amount for the categories of scholarship in perpetuity per recipient is five million naira (N5M). The modalities and other details of the processes for the institution and award of these scholarships are available as follows:  

  • Interested persons and organisations are to contact the University of Abuja to indicate the categories of scholarships they wish to sponsor.  
  • All funds for scholarship are to be paid into the University of Abuja's TSA E-Collection Account, 0020217061025, with the Central Bank of Nigeria using REMITTA and indicating scholarship in the dropdown.  


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